My newest projects….

Hi everyone! I check my blog on a regular basis to read all your comments, and then realized, oh my goodness it has been a solid month since I last posted! SOOOO not like me! But please know I’ve been busy doing other food allergy related projects such as writing new recipes (not ready to post yet, but will soon so keep checking back) and working on some new blogging/contributor projects such as:

Contributor for the super cool Robot Vegan: I can’t scream loud enough about how much I LOVE and ADORE this site and group of cool chics. The site recently went live and already has so much fabulous information, recipes and articles. Take a minute to browse through their site and get hooked. I will be doing some recipes and Ask the Expert Column for them, and will have something on their site VERY SOON. Work in progress and can’t wait!!

Cooking Light Tried and Tested Blogger: I’ll be testing some new recipes (see below for my first one) for Cooking Light, a longtime favorite magazine of mine, and posting the results and recipe for y’all to try as well.

Expert Blogger at Martha Stewart’s Whole Living: I’ve already done a few GF Friday posts for Whole Living, and have a brand spankin’ new Gluten and Allergen Free one coming your way in the next few weeks.

Top 100 Mom Food Blogger Bites Contributor: As a Babble Food Blogger I’ll be sharing my favorite tips and tricks to get in and out of the kitchen fast. When you have a minute check out all the bloggers, I’ve already scooped up some fabulous ideas from these superwomen who like to cook and love to eat!

Guest Blogger for Williams-Sonoma’s company blog “The Blender” : I’ll be doing some kid friendly and allergy aware recipes and meal tips…not posted yet but coming very soon. I love this blog; it’s filled with some great tips and recipes, and just love WS in general.

Yet to be named Screenplay:  Totally off topic from my normal writing duties but boy am I having FUN with this! In my previous life before kids, carpools and writing cookbooks I used to be a news producer/writer and dabbled in screenwriting then too. Though I never sold a script, I hope to finish a couple of stories that have been brewing in my mind for a long time. It takes time do this sort of thing, but slow and steady wins the race I guess, right?

But the most time-consuming thing I have been doing lately is simply enjoying the sunshine and lazy days of doing nothing with my kids. We’re not doing anything fancy, just catching some fireflies, digging for worms and eating lots of popsicles. I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer, keeps sending me your ideas and suggestions, and let me know what you think of this new Cooking Light recipe!


This recipe has quickly become my newest favorite dinner to make for my family, and with the hot and humid weather, one I am making a lot. I don’t have to fire up the grill If I don’t want to slave over hot coals in 100 degree heat, and the entire dish can be finished in under 30 minutes. A few personal modifications:

  • I used Gluten Free/Wheat Free tortillas instead of the suggested corn tortillas with excellent results.
  • Broiling the corn using shredded rotisserie chicken is a HUGE time saver, but I’ve also used leftover grilled chicken and corn with excellent results.
  • I love the addition of extra veggies, and have successfully used leftover roasted red and yellow pepper as well as some grilled zucchini. The more veggies the better.
  • If you don’t want to use any tortillas this is a fabulous dinner “salad” as well. Add fresh basil for more flavor.

This recipe is healthy, fast and delish….a keeper for sure.