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It’s been a few weeks since my last post, but I promise that my limited blogging right now will reap bigger rewards down the road as I’m busy,busy, busy creating a TON of new and amazing dairy, egg and nut free recipes for YOU. My next book is one you’ve been asking for, fast and easy family meals (and of course a bunch of new treats as well). As I put together all my favorite recipes and tips, I’d love to know what YOU want. What kinds of recipes are you looking for? What kinds of tips do you need? What is important to YOU?

Your feedback always has been, and always will be very important to me. I started this journey of blogging and cookbook writing because of food allergy kids, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, and teachers everywhere. My usefulness to you is my number one priority. I love doing what I do, and there are few things that give me more satisfaction than serving you and your families with new meals that everyone enjoys and shares together. I’m always inspired by your stories, trials and tribulations. And I love that everyone who visits my blog feels the same inspiration and love that I do. This is an incredible community we are a part of, and I’m so grateful to all of you for your endless support, feedback and love. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

So thank you for your patience while I get through it all these next few weeks, and in the meantime, feel free to post your comments and wish list for new recipes. Thank you SO MUCH!!!! xoxoxo



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  1. I am BEYOND EXCITED for your new cookbook — yay!! We use your baking book several times a week, and all of your recipes are delicious and reliable. Thank you. My son is 16 months old and has Dairy/Egg/Peanut/Tree Nut allergies so your recipes have been life savers. I own a few allergy-friendly cookbooks for meals, but as other people have stated, most of the recipes are not very kid-friendly. I have two boys and would love to have more kid/family friendly meals ideas. Lunch ideas also stump me. Especially “to-go” items that we can make and pack to eat while we’re out of the house.

  2. Wow, Kelly! I loved scrolling through all these comments and reading how you have helped to change the life of these families and kids with allergies. Even tho Ava has no known allergies, I know we will use your cookbooks as she gets older because the recipes are just that delicious! I am so proud of you and cannot wait for your new book to debut! I know you’re working hard, juggling so much and making a difference. PROUD to call you a friend!! xoxo

  3. Some veggie/fruit dips would be amazing! More baked good, meal ideas, healthy snacks, all great. You are incredible, keep up the fantastic recipes!

  4. A new meal cookbook sounds great !!! We love your baking cookbook, it is my only recipe book that I use now. Knowing that your child suffers from a food allergy brings about a whole bunch of emotions, especially confusion, when you’ve always cooked allergen-food……you have definitely saved us !!! 🙂

    For suggestions, meals that aren’t part of the “daily routine” (spaghetti is so popular here)……and fun snacks !

    I love how you explain how to do things ! 🙂 you have made me a better cook !

    Thanks again !

  5. I am so excited to hear that you are writing another book! I cannot begin to describe the difference your first book has made for me and my family. I’m going to make sure my son’s allergist knows about it so he can recommend it to other mothers who feel as hopeless as I did at first. My 2 1/2 year old is allergic to nuts, eggs and dairy. I almost cried this week as I watched him eat his first chocolate chip cookie (made successfully using your recipe!)

    As for ideas for your book, I would like to see some suggestions about foods that travel well and can be enjoyed by the whole famiy on trips to zoos, amusement parks, etc. We would also love to find a mac n cheese recipe that works!

    If you are going to include another general tips section, it might be good to mention that allergens are not just found in food. Early on, my son had a minor reaction to a new hair gel I used because I didn’t realize it contained milk protein. He also was recently hospitalized, and while we brought all of his food from home we were sure to have the ingredients of all medications ordered for him checked as well. We discovered that the antibiotic suspension ordered for him contained “trace amounts of milk protein” and had to have a different brand ordered. Many pills contain lactose powder, some inhalers contain soy, etc.

    Thanks from the bottom of my heart for giving me a sense of control over this life altering situation.

  6. WOW…I am completely blow away by your support and wonderful comments. Truly feel blessed to have y’all in my life!! I LOVE every single story of how my recipes have inspired you to cook more, bake more and even create your own family favorites. I am also inspired by you and your children, and your need for more meals, recipes. I really hope you enjoy the next book, which will be out in the spring 2013. I WILL share a few recipes from the new book here, but contractually can’t share as many as I’d like (you know I really love to give my work away for free). I will take all your suggestions to heart and will try to create a book that is useful for you. I will say that the new book won’t contain any bean or legume recipes because of John’s severe allergy to it. I also will do my best to make substitutions for soy and wheat in the new book, and it will be noted in the chapters. I always try to make recipes that can have ingredients easily swapped or modified. Some work better than others. I will do my best. I have a new Valentine’s Day recipe I will share soon…until then…xoxoxo

  7. Kelly,
    We were about to enroll our son (with severe egg and tree nut allergies) in a local camp at a Community College. When looking further at the enrollment forms there was a medical waiver to be signed saying that no medicines will be given at camp. Every child must be able to administer their own medications. No adult will take responsibility for any medicines including epipens. There’s no way a kindergartener can operate an epipen, right? When I called, they said because of insurance reasons, they don’t want to be responsible. Obviously, we won’t be signing up for the camp, but have you ever heard of anything like this?? I feel sad for my son who really would have liked this camp and feel like it’s not fair to discriminate because of food allergies. Let me know what you think!

  8. Can’t wait for your new cookbook. I would like to know what John’s favorite lunches and dinners are when he is out of the house at birthday parties, sporting events or other kid focused events. I have been a big fan of yours for years and happy to hear you are still working hard to create recipes. Thank you.

  9. Kelly,
    I know this will be a cook book, and not another baking book, but if you include a baking section, could you consider creating a recipe for icing that could go on a small amount? I am thinking of something that could be used when taking them out of the freezer for treats, birthday parties, etc.

    Thank you

  10. I can’t wait for the new book! Our 4 year old knows your baking so well that when I pull it out of the drawer he goes and get his step stool to help me mix the ingredients! He’s been helping me in the kitchen for almost two years now – measuring, pouring, stiring. My goal is that cooking will be second nature to him and he’ll be better prepared to handle his food allergies when he gets older. Of course, it would be totally awesome for him to grow out of them!

  11. Quick healthy lunch/dinner ideas that are very kid frendly… nothing too fancy shamcy 🙂 just bought your baking cook book this weekend. Love it!

  12. More recipes with whole wheat flour would be great too! Or even tips on how to switch it out for all purpose. Healthy snacks are awesome! Thanks so much Kelly, you rock!

  13. Kelly, I just want to thank you for all your hard work on putting these recipes out there for the rest of us. We all can’t thank you enough!! I agree with all comments above!

  14. Keep up the good work spreading your healthy nutrition information. We need more people like you in the world. Respect!

  15. Thank you SO VERY MUCH for making life easier for the rest of us!!! My daughter has the same allergies as your child and finding decent recipes for baked goods was always a challenge. I purchased your baking cookbook and it has been a life saver! I was one of those people requesting tips and recipes for regular meal ideas and I want to express my sincere gratitude for listening. I look forward to your new cookbook and will purchase it immediately. –BTW, I would appreciate recipes that are kid-friendly and use “normal” and fresh ingredients. Thanks again!