The Food Allergy Mama’s Easy, Fast Family Meals is here! (and a GIVEAWAY of TWO BOOKS!!)

The Food Allergy Mama's Easy, Fast Family MealsI can’t believe it, but my newest book The Food Allergy Mama’s Easy, Fast Family Meals is FINALLY out! It feels like forever since I started working on this book, even though it was only a year ago! I’m excited the book will finally be in your hands and in your kitchens.

This project came to be primarily because of YOU, my amazing readers, fans and friends. I can’t tell you how much your emails, comments and blog posts inspired me to create a cookbook that you and your family could use everyday. As many of you know, I am not a fussy kind-of-girl, and don’t have a lot of time to make fussy recipes. Perhaps later in life when my young kids will be older I’ll devote more time and energy to complicated recipes. But for now I want recipes that are fast, easy and geared toward my family’s personal tastes. In fact, as I note frequently throughout the book, my recipes should be regarded as a template. Feel free to spice up or change recipes or ingredients any way you want. It’s so important to make recipes the way YOU want them. Every recipe can also be made completely gluten-free or allergen free by omitting or using Gluten Free ingredients.

You can now order BOTH books on this site, and as always every book will be signed by me. And as a special thank you for your loyal readership, I’m giving away TWO free books to TWO lucky readers who post a comment on this post…anything you want; your favorite recipes of mine, recipes you wish I would create, your favorite cooking and baking memory with your kids, how food allergies have changed your family’s life, etc. I will choose TWO readers randomly next Monday, February 11th.  I would love to hear from you and thank you for your support!!! This book would not have happened without your love and kindness!!! Huge thanks to you ALL!!!

Happy cooking!!! xoxo

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  1. Your new book just arrived on my doorstep!! I wish you could have seen the look on my 5 year old son’s face (peanut and egg allergic) as we skimmed through all the wonderful recipes! He’s so excited to try them all and it warms my heart to see him so excited about food. I don’t know what I would have done without your first book and now I can’t wait to bake from your new book. Our newest addition, who turns one tomorrow, is allergic to wheat, soy and dairy for now. You’ve opened a new world of first foods for him to try! Thank you more than I can express! Good luck in all you do!!

  2. I love so many of the recipes in your first cookbook; I can’t wait to check out you new one.

  3. Our two kids have food allergies and we have enjoyed many of your recipes from the soy nut butter cookies to the brownies just to name a few. Thank you for giving delicious allergy free options for our family.

  4. I am so excited for your new book! Congratulations! You have made life so much easier for us….and helped my daughter feel so much more included by having some kind of substitute for the multitude of things she can’t eat. My latest favorite of yours in the allergy friendly French Toast. It is a family tradition in the making and my husband says he likes it more than traditional French Toast. Thank you!

  5. I’d love to have a copy of your book! I have a six year old boy who until a year ago was allergic to milk, eggs, and peanuts. However, when is little brother was born, we received happy news! He had grown out of his milk allergy (though the egg and peanut allergies were still there). It was fun to see him eat his first serving of true ice cream! A year passed, and we found out his new brother is allergic to milk and eggs :-(. I’ve been out of the habit of keeping milk out of our diets for a year and I’m feeling like I’m starting all over again! Your book would help me to get on the right track again!


    Thank you so much for taking the time to create such a wonderful follow up to your baking book. Can’t wait to get my copy and try the recipes with my daughter! Keep up the great work.

  7. I’m so thankful that I found your site and all the recipes and advice. Although I live on the other side of the world (almost) we have so much in common because I have two allergic kids (8 and 15 years old), the notorious eggs and milk, and one of them also nuts and fish. Since I live in a much smaller country (Croatia), the number of allergic kids is not so large and most people still don’t understand what it is all about. It sometimes makes me really frustrated that I have to explain to people that ‘No, you can’t put just a little cheese on the pizza’ or things like that. It is comforting in a sense to see that other people have the same problem and that we all try to cope with it the best we can and make our kids’ lives as smooth as possible. Keep up the good work. Mums all over the world need help.

  8. I am new to the world of food allergies, with a 9 week old daughter who we just discovered has a milk protein allergy. I am so excited to get this book so I will have some ideas of what I can eat while breastfeeding!!

  9. Tried the turkey sloppy joes and they were an absolute success! Thank you! Can’t wait to receive the new book … I am anxiously tracking its shipment status!

  10. Our family just entered the food allergy world with our youngest (milk & eggs). I am sooooo excited that I have found good resources on this blog (and in your books) that will help me continue to cook wonderful meals for my ENTIRE family! Thank you!

  11. I went gluten free about a year and a half ago because my Dad and Uncle were diagnosed with Celiac’s and I was suffering from a lot of the same symptoms they had been ignoring for the past 30 years. Since making the switch I have lost about 45 pounds and I feel GREAT! No more constant heartburn or overall crappiness. I’m always looking for new recipes to try and can’t wait to read these.


  12. My youngest has severe food allergies (dairy free, soy free, gluten free, nut free, egg free, and no artificial coloring) and it is so encouraging to have support and to not have to “figure” it all out on our own. Thanks for the blog and books 🙂

  13. I am so thankful for your baking book and always get compliments on your recipes from our non-allergic friends and family. Looking forward to your cookbook….I need some new ideas! Our 3 1/2 year old son is allergic to dairy, oat, egg, peanut, carrot, & pumpkin, and I know he’d like some new recipes, too.

  14. Just in time for my birthday (the 18th)!!! LOVE the Oatmeal Creme Pies recipe. Oh my goodness. Little Debbie’s got nothing. And I love baking your recipes of treats to share with others and having so many agree that they really do turn out better than the old standard versions. I am one eager Mama to have the new book as I try to transition all of our meals to be “Tyson-friendly” (my 2 y/o son has egg, dairy, peanut, tree nut, pea allergies). Thanks for all your effort… especially for those of us that aren’t excited to be in the kitchen in the first place regardless of food restrictions.

  15. We are so excited to get your new book!! My son is allergic to dairy, egg and peanut and loves all of your recipes. We use the baking book almost daily. Our favorites are the heart-healthy pancakes, whole-wheat waffles and pumpkin bread! Thank you!

  16. Congratulations on your new book! I have been using your recipes for over 2 years now and your coffee cake is our absolute favorite. I make it about twice a month whenever we have guest over for breakfast. My allergic son had a friend spend the night and I made your coffee cake for breakfast, the cake was so delicious his non allergic friend asked to take the rest of the cake home so his family could taste it!
    I love all of your recipes and appreciate and am grateful for all of your hard work and dedication to food allergies and helping families like mine to feed our allergic kids!

  17. We love your chocolate pudding cake! I’d love to see you do butterscotch pudding from scratch if possible. Something sweet and safe to eat. 🙂
    Congrats and many thanks!

  18. We love everything we have tried from the baking book and we are so thankful for it as it has allowed us to always have something sweet and safe on hand for our son! A new book with dinner recipes would be amazing!

  19. Congratulations on the new book. As a mother of a child with EE, I am always looking for new resources.

  20. Congrats on your new book! I always enjoyed baking, but it’s so much more rewarding knowing that I can bake treats for my son with FA. I didn’t expect to venture into gluten-free baking in ADDITION to baking dairy-free and egg-free, but since two of my friends’ kids have these allergies, I love seeing their eyes light up at eating a cupcake that looks like the kind you get at a bakery! Thanks for sharing so much of your journey (and recipes!) with us!

  21. I love your new site! I have been a fan for the past 4 years when I discovered my sons milk, egg, and nut allergy.

    Thank you for all you do!

  22. I love your website because the recipes are all free of what we need them to be! Thanks so much!!

  23. Congratulations on the new book! Can’t wait to salivate through it.

    As long as you’re taking requests, I would LOVE a recipe for dessert pizza! You know, the kind with a pizza-type crust that’s sweet?

    I’d also love to see an index of all your recipes…I’m having a lot of trouble searching for them on your new website. It’s hard to send new people to your site when I know they have to scroll through every single recipe just to find one I’ve told them about!

    Thanks for all your fantastic recipes.

  24. Thank so much for your books. I am having a difficult time balancing my dairy, egg, and wheat allergies. I am now finding I have high blood sugars also. I am hoping your recipes will help me cope. Thanks cj

  25. Sweet! I had your first baking cookbook on my reading list when I saw it for free on Kindle several months ago. It has been GREAT! My son has the same allergies as yours, and it has been so frustrating for me to try to make some of the “normal” foods the rest of us enjoy. You’ve helped! BTW, do you have a great recipe for cinnamon rolls?

  26. I’ve been looking forward to this new book since you first began talking about it. We have enjoyed your baking book and I recommend it to others who experience food allergies. When I first learned about my son’s food allergies, I was so overwhelmed. But your baking book gave me so much hope! I now have two children with food allergies so the dinner cookbook sounds fantastic! We make your chicken, tomatoes, and corn tacos for lunch often! Thank you for your ideas because without them, I would be lost!

  27. I recently found out I’m allergic to basically everything and I’m having a difficult time figuring out what to eat. I’d love a copy of your book! It would really help me out!!!

  28. My oldest has dairy, egg and nuts allergies. Thank you so much for the recipes on your blog. I was able to make delicious and allergy friendly meals for him and my family to enjoy. Congratulations on your new book!

  29. Thanks for continuing to be such an inspiration to families dealing with food allergies. I love to read your words of encouragement, your personal stories are very inspiring, and I love trying new recipes that are safe for my son, who has multiple food allergies . Thanks for creating a new cookbook. I can’t wait to share some of the recipes with him. Luckily, he loves to help me in the kitchen (he’s only 4).

  30. You’re an inspiration for all us allergy moms to keep on a cookin’! Thanks for your work to help make that job much easier!

  31. Most of my family have a dairy and wheat intolerance so I can identify with having to adjust everything! Yesterday was shrove Tuesday and I stumbled upon a pancake recipe that doesn’t have milk or wheat!! I haven’t tried it yet but the reviews were amazing. Healthy, good for my family and packed full of protein 😀

  32. I am new to the food allergy world (three days in). We have discovered through an allergy blood panel that our 11-year-old is allergic to wheat, eggs, peanuts, soybeans, and a few other foods that we really do not eat. She is also insulin resistant, so we are also having to watch her insulin levels… In reading labels in the grocery store, MANY of the items she could eat have just been marked off of the list of allowable food items. Any advice, websites, blogs, food lists, etc would be appreciated.

  33. Hi Kelly,
    Do you have a recipe for a veggie dip? I thought about using the dairy-free sour cream, but didn’t know what else to put with it.


  34. Glad to see your new cookbook being published. I’ve been a fan of your recipes for years. My son is egg, dairy, and nut allergic and has celiac, so we are always looking for new ideas.