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  1. My daughter has multiple food allergies. I made these creme pies for my family to enjoy during the snow storm. Everyone enjoyed them. They are better than Little Debbie!

  2. Love this idea! You did a great job in such a short segment. Just one hint for next time though, pull your hair back–it took focus off the segment when you kept brushing it back. It’s beautiful, but I’d rather see you and focus on your talking. Thanks for writing the cook book!

  3. Kelly, you are such a fantastic ambassador for FA. When we often get pegged as crazy or overprotective mom’s, you put such a positive, outgoing face to our cause. You create much more than food, you create a healthy attitude!!!
    On to the Oatmeal Creme Pies- I was blown away by these- they are actually better than Little Debbies!!!!! And I’m a terrible cook. If I can make these, anyone can. Thanks for this wonderful treat.

  4. i have both of your books and i reference them almost daily. i appreciate all the work you have done to help FA kids and their families. what you are doing has made a difference. thank you.

  5. I am SO excited to try these! I smiled reading your blog. I haven’t had an oatmeal cream pie since I was 12!! My kids are going to love preparing and of course indulging in these (as will I)

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