Giving Thanks….

1211-leftover-casseroleIs Thanksgiving really just two days away? Usually by now I would normally have scoured the Internet, foodie mags and my huge collection of cookbooks for new recipes to try for the holidays. Time slipped away from me this fall, it seems, and here I am just NOW thinking about what our Turkey Day Dinner is going to look like. Thankfully, I can go back to my tried and true Thanksgiving Day Allergy Friendly Menu and recipes for ideas.  Last year, my dear friend Silvana Nardone published my favorite classic recipes, and I will be turning to them again tomorrow. I am somewhat of a traditionalist (ok, sort of) and always like to stick with the classics for Thanksgiving. There is a certain comfort in the expectation of status quo, especially when you are dealing with holiday feasts. However, I’m dying to fry a turkey. So one of these years, I am going to invest in a fryer and just do it. Yes, I’m nervous I will burn my house down or fry my face off, but for the most part, I’m always game for trying something new.

I also just wanted to let you, my readers, know how thankful I am for YOU. Your words of inspiration, encouragement and support have meant the world to me all these years. I read everything you write to me, and try my best to respond to every comment or email. Everything I do regarding my books, articles or advocacy is completely influenced by you and your stories. You inspire me to do better, and to work harder. I am thrilled that President Obama signed the stock epinephrine bill into law recently, even happier that he outed his own daughter’s life threatening food allergy thus giving even more attention to the fact that food allergies affect so many of us. I am excited we continue to have forums, walks, expos, conferences, and summits every year that allow us, as parents, bloggers, and advocates to have a voice on behalf of our vulnerable children.

That’s the key though…USE YOUR VOICE to raise awareness. Talk about our world, and how to keep our kids safe and included, especially in their safe haven…their classrooms. It’s our responsibility to keep not only our own children safe, but EVERYONE’S children safe. We are a community of dedicated, educated and loving parents who just want to keep our children alive. It’s really as simple as that, isn’t it? So don’t ever feel bad about asking for things, talking about things, or raising the roof once in a desperate while.

I will never give up fighting for safer allergy aware policies for our children. And I’ll never give up hope that we’ll someday find a cure for them too. Remember….ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. And I guess that’s what I am most grateful for this week….hope. I have enormous hope that 2014 and beyond will bring about even more change, awareness and research on behalf of our FA kids.

Finally, a HUGE thank you the absolutely amazing novelist Curtis Sittenfeld for this moving and beautiful piece she wrote for Slate today. Happy thanksgiving y’all….xoxox


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  1. Thanks for this post, and for the little section regarding tradition and inclusion! I have 2 kids ages 3.5 and 1.5 and in my household we have a corn allergy, and an anaphylactic dairy allery. I’m the one with the anaphylaxis and have successfully navigated through life and thrived. A lot of what I come across with people who are either newly diagnosed, or have young children who are FA is fear! They want to put themselves or their kids in a bubble… cancel Thanksgiving, concentrate on things other than food, change traditions and cause stress for everyone involved. I’m a big proponant of that NOT being the case. That we need to educate ourselves, our friends and families, and our FA children so that we can ALL feel like we’re a part of the solution.

  2. Hi Kelly, I am thankful for finding out about your cookbooks and having your website.

    I have a questions that may come up each holiday. do you have a recipe for egg free royal icing? I thought I would turn to you first rather than hit and miss on various online recipes.


  3. In addition to patient advocacy, it would be nice if those in the FA community put their time and effort into GMO labeling and making the food supply safer because thatviscehay’a making the younger generation so fragile. Allergy friendly Ritz Crackers or Corn Flakes are still GMO laden processed chemical food.

  4. I just discovered your recipe book today at the grocery store. I am on a dairy free diet due to my 3 month old being diagnosed with a milk protein allergy and possibly more allergies… soon to find out. I have been working really hard reading labels and trying to find supplements to keep up with my health and still providing adequate nurtrition to my baby while we continue to breast feed. I am so happy to find this book as I have been researching everywhere for someone to help me as I am going through this and feeling alone in the process. Thank you for this and I am looking forward to trying these recipes.