First of all, I want to apologize for being such a loser blogger. I’ve had several, OK lots, of people email me asking where I have been these past few months. They want to know if my website address changed. They want to know if I am alive and well. They want to know if I quit blogging or recipe writing or advocating altogether. My answer to all of the above; NO. A big fat NO. I’ve only been temporarily disconnected. My life has been crazy busy! But I’m back, and stronger and more resolved than ever to raise my voice not only on behalf of our food allergic kids, but for us, as parents in general. As Maya Angelou famously once said…”When we know better, we do better.” Right on sister.

Since my apparent last post in November (yikes…has it really been that long??) I’ve been working at an internship (yes, at my age), driving super long commutes (to LA and Santa Monica, need I say more?), and going to graduate school full-time (though I didn’t actually realize my course load was full-time until last Friday when I had to check my school status. I kept wondering why I was SO TIRED all the time, so I guess that explains it.) And aside from that, I am plugging along on some scripts, papers and material for a new book. Oh and my children; I still do all the normal stuff for them like homework help, grocery shop, cook and try to volunteer when I can at school but truth be told….I have sucked at that this year. (But I tried my best to be where I could!) Life has been busy. It has been hard. But it has been life-changing. And I mean that in the nicest way.

I’m having more fun than I have ever had….writing, working, learning and growing. But growth is challenging, no doubt. My children have seen me stressed, unsure, nervous, tired, resolved and disappointed. They also have seen me happy, elated, excited, creative, and more alive than I’ve been in years. I often work alongside them at the kitchen table, doing homework and plugging away, night after night. I have my good days. I have my off days. But every day is an opportunity to “know better to do better”. All I know is, that for right now, in this moment, we are exactly where we are supposed to be. And tomorrow, we might be somewhere entirely different. But that’s life, isn’t it? We’re all malleable, or at least we should be. Life is not really meant to be lived in a linear way, I think.

So here is a recipe I LOVE. It’s in my Meals book and it’s one of my favorite fast meals, especially now, during the craziest of days. Stay tuned in the next few weeks; LOTS of exciting food allergy information and stuff and events to share!! Thank you guys for always being there for me, for being so understanding and patient with my lame ass. LOVE MY PEEPS. Stay tuned….I’ll be in touch soon. xoxo

Kelly Rudnicki book


Serves 2


This is my favorite way to use up leftover cooked chicken from my Weekday Roast Chicken recipe. It is very fresh, light and flavorful. I love to put it on a bed of spinach salad or tucked into allergen safe pita bread. Feel free to omit or add celery, grapes, apples, or raisins according to your personal tastes.


2 cups diced ,cooked chicken (leftover from Weekday Roast Chicken)

¼ cup Vegan Mayonnaise

¼ cup dairy free sour cream

½ teaspoon fresh lemon juice

½ teaspoon Dijon mustard

¼ cup finely minced celery

¼ cup finely diced peeled Gala or Granny Smith apple

½ cup coarsely chopped red grapes

Kosher salt and pepper to taste

In a medium bowl, combine all the ingredients and season to taste with salt and freshly ground pepper.

Serve as is or in allergen-friendly mini pita bread, tortilla or your favorite sandwich bread.


12 Responses

  1. Welcome back! You were missed, and I’m happy to see you have not stopped blogging! I love this recipe, too, especially for dinner on the go between the kids’ activities. Yay for portable food!

  2. We are in the market for a stand mixer, which we have done without for many years using instead a hand mixer. The hand mixer, which conveniently just stopped working, is not very useful when it comes to mixing batter for bread as well as some other mixes.

    Consumer’s Reports does not give any of the stand mixers very high ratings. I think around 80% is the top of their ratings so not helpful in making a decision on which one to buy.

    Therefore, I was wondering if there is a stand mixer that you can recommend. We love your books and use them all the time, I mean all the time. I am fatally allergic to eggs and bananas. We just skip over your banana recipes.

    Welcome back! Since I am fairly new to your blog I just thought you were a very s-l-o-w blogger. I have been in your shoes. I raised 3 kids while working full time, negotiating contracts as a union representative, and getting my master’s degree. No-one was the worse for wear in the long run. Those 3 kids are now 47, 49, and 50 and doing great. Your 5 will be fine too as will you. I am thinking of you and praying for you too. lol

    • I hug my 7qt. Kitchenaid Stand Mixer every day. It is absolutely wonderful and I suspect it will be around, long after I am gone. 🙂

      • Thank you for sharing that info about your Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer. Do you have a model # you would share? If you have had it a long time, I will probably have trouble finding one. Thank you again for letting me/us know.

  3. Way to go Kelly! As I told a friend last week that she was having a little guilt going on a business trip for a few days and leaving her little boys & husband, I told her, “it is great to let your boys see you doing this.” And kudos for you to go to school and continue inspiring us! Thank you for sharing the recipe!!! As the weather is trying to get nicer here in the Midwest, I look forward to grilling more chicken and having it on hand!

  4. Welcome back! Sounds like you’ve been a superhero the last few months! Can’t wait to read your new posts!

  5. Welcome back! I am glad that you have been enjoying life in the midst of creating a whole new life.