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  1. Kelly,

    I don’t know you, outside of the “you” that I’ve come to know over the years of reading your blogs and buying your books but just that small window is enough to realize that your kids have been incredibly blessed with you as their mom. You’ve also inspired so many other moms and caregivers and given so much insight and guidance by sharing your own experiences and recipes–I can’t imagine how many other lives you’ve impacted in a very big, very positive way. Thank you, on behalf of all of us who fall into that category.

    After reading your post, I just want to send you a big hug and remind you that none of the medical challenges your family has and is facing are your fault. Sounds like you have a knowledgeable, capable doctor who is pulling together a good plan for your son. My prayers go out to your son and to you as you process this new information and move forward to new ways of managing it.

    One mom to another, please don’t be so hard on yourself. You are doing a great job–keep doing what you do.

    God’s peace,

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