Having a pair of good quality scissors is always essential to the sewers. However, as one of the sewers, you have to know the major information on these scissors. You may have bought the most popular scissors on the market. Now, you have to use them in the right way.

For what purpose are you using the scissors?

We have found that lots of sewers use their scissors to cut the cardboards or soda cans for checking the sharpness and strength of the tools. However, this activity may cause damage to the sewing scissors in the future. While you have invested in the precious sewing scissors, you must not use them for other purposes. The scissors for sewing and for kitchen activities are different.

There are disposable scissors, which are designed to deal one or two works. After that, they become dull.

Designs of the fabric scissors-

Fabric scissor designs are slightly different from the regular or average scissors. The blades of these scissors are very sharp, and are thus, highly effective to fabric of any type. While assessing their design, we have found that they are smaller than 6 inches. Some scissors have unique designed blades, and you have to use them for particular sewing processes.

Blades of the sewing scissors remain attached with a small screw. While the scissors have become damaged, they are easily repairable.

Some sewers are left-handed, and they have to look for the scissors, specially designed for them. Lots of scissors’ designs are intended for both left and right handed users. As you know your own needs, you must try to pick the right one for you.

Why the sharpness is must for your scissors?

You may think that the scissors are very sharp to cut through any paper. However, a high level of sharpness is essential to prevent any damage to the fabric. Just like the knives of your kitchen, your sewing scissors may also lose the edge in due course. After getting sharpened, the blades have to be able to retain the edge. The materials for your scissor blades and handles are different for comfort and look. You may better look for the blades, which are made of stainless steel or tampered. These blades last for several years.

Safety steps for using the scissors-

When you have children in your house, you may purchase the kiddy-proof sewing scissors. You can try to store the scissors at a place, inaccessible to you. The dressmaker scissors have longer loop, and you may use one string to hang the scissors around neck. Thus, your kids will not touch the scissors accidentally.

Which scissors are best for you?

Your own sewing type helps you to pick the right scissors. For instance, appliqué scissors are not right choice for dealing with the sturdy, simple clothes of your kids. For the heavier fabrics, you can rely on the pinking shears.

Thus, purchase the right scissors for your everyday sewing process.