Logo designing might sound easy to do with the use of desktop logo maker and free download logo making mobile apps. Just a few clicks and drags, you will have an instant logo for your business. However, not giving much attention to the details on how should you design your logo could ruin your business. A business logo serves as the face of your business which is why it is important that you give great consideration in designing it.

To prevent committing logo designing mistakes that could affect the image of your business, the following red flags should be avoided.

1 – Relying too much on what is trending.

Bandwagoning when it comes to logo designing can affect the image of your business. Making a parody logo of popular products and services could be entertaining at first, but it won’t do good for your business in the long run as people’s interest fades over time.

2 – Using vector graphic in creating a business logo

Most vector graphics come in specific size and color. It can become blurry when you try to resize or crop it which could affect the overall photo resolution of your business logo. Having a bad quality logo would give an impression to consumers, that your services or products won’t do any go neither.

3 – Using stock images for your business logo

It’s fine to use stock images, but make sure that it doesn’t have watermarks on it as you might get penalized for copyright infringement. Moreover, when you use stock images on your logo, it affects the credibility of your business. This would make your customer think twice before they avail of any product or services from you.

4 – Designing a logo because you like it.

In designing a logo, the first thing that you should think about is the message that your business wants to convey. It should not be based on what you think do look appealing or not. Don’t forget that your logo is the first thing that your potential customers would see, so don’t attempt to put anything personal. Rather, put the element that shows your passion to serve your customer.

5 – Copying other’s logo design

It’s alright to look for references when designing a business logo. However, it should not be in the extent where you copy almost all of the designing aspect and the only difference is the name of the business. Designing a logo could be daunting for some who are not familiar if logo making. Yet, it does not mean you should copy others, especially if the logo of the other business you are copying is in the same niche as you. It will have a bad impact on your business.

To get the best logo design, the last thing that you can do is to look into the variables that properly describe your business.