About Food Allergy Mama

This website is a labor of love. As you can tell from the many different resources, links, and other information on this website that we have really bent over backwards and spent a tremendous amount of time filtering everything and anything the Internet has to say about food allergies.

As we have mentioned in the Welcome page of this website, there are lots of misinformation regarding food allergies on the Internet. As you probably already know, the more you see something doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to believe it automatically. In fact, if you see the same piece of information broadcast on your Facebook timeline again and again this should make you more suspicious not less.

Unfortunately, typical consumers think the other way. They think that as long as they are exposed to the same type of information over and over again from many different sources, that somehow someway this makes the information legit. Believe me, I can understand why people think this way. Most people would like shortcuts, most people would like to take it easy. Most people would rather dispense with the hassle, headache, and burden of having to pay attention to details and research crucial information, but that’s what you have to because the stakes are too high.

Whether you are suffering from food allergies yourself or your loved one is, you really cannot afford to take things lightly. You really cannot afford to roll the dice with your food choices because life hangs in the balance. That’s right, people can die. I know this might sound extreme. I know that I might sound alarmist when I say this, but this is a distinct possibility.

People can and do die from food allergies. You only need to look at the World Health Organization figures on food allergies on a year after year basis and it is not a nice picture. It is quite sober. The most interesting part of all of this is that food allergy deaths and severe reactions apply across the board. They happen in third world impoverished developing countries as well as highly industrialized and developed countries.

It doesn’t spare anybody and it really all boils down to responsibility. You know what you’re allergic to. You know that you’re sensitive to certain types of foods. Accordingly, you cannot depend on anybody else to make the right decisions for you. That’s your job. You must take responsibility. You must step up. You have to be clear as to the kinds of foods that you’re not going to eat. You have to insist that the foods that do end up on your plate have been processed the right way.

I know that this is inconvenient, I know that this takes quite a bit of time and attention to detail, but this is exactly what you need to do. It’s an absolute necessity. There are really no other ways about it and this is why you need to step up. You need to make sure that you eat what you can eat and that you plan with your allergies in mind. I know that most people would rather do things in other ways. Believe me, a little bit of convenience can definitely go a long way, but unfortunately, you’re going to have to play with the hand you have been dealt.