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Kelly RudnickiKelly Rudnicki is the author of the The Food Allergy Mama’s Easy, Fast Family Meals, The Food Allergy Mama’s Baking Book,  and Vegan Baking Classics.  She’s also the creator of the award-winning blog Food Allergy Mama. Her blog has twice been named Babble’s Top Food Blog and ranked #6 in Healthiest Eating. She has appeared on The Martha Stewart Show, Windy City Live, WGN News, ABC News as well as in numerous publications including The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun Times, Parents, Parenting, Shape, Family Fun, Woman’s Day, and others.

As the mother of five young children, one of whom with severe food allergies, Kelly also spends much of her free time advocating for food allergy awareness and improving school nutrition. She volunteers and speaks on behalf of food allergy organizations such as FARE, and helped write the food allergy guidelines for the Chefs Move to Schools Chicago, an initiative launched by First Lady Michelle Obama’s Go for the Gold campaign to promote higher standards for food, fitness and nutrition education. Kelly also serves as a Parent Ambassador for Healthy Child, Healthy World.

She lives in Southern California with her husband and five children.

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  3. Kelly,

    We have a one-year old with egg, nut, and dairy allergies, and have been having the hardest time when it comes to finding food and recipes that are safe for him. I just purchased your book and though I am eager to try the recipes, am frustrated by the way many of them gloss over major ingredients, like “Use 8 slices allergy-friendly bread” or “use dairy-free plain yogurt” or “use dairy-free parmesan cheese.” I understand (and your book also explains) that you do this because product ingredients and manufacturing practices can and do change, and one should never take for granted that a product is, or will remain, safe. However, you advised in your book that we could visit your website to refer to a list of your favorite brands/products. Unfortunately, I do not see such a list at all. I did click in the “Products I Like” area, and only saw two food-related links, and that was for entire brands, not specific items. Given that one of the biggest challenges when new to the world of managing food allergies is identifying food that is safe, I am really disappointed that so much of the valuable knowledge you have regarding products/ingredients for **your very own** recipes have been omitted. I understand you need to issue a disclaimer about product recommendations (as you did in your book), but is there a way to help those of us beginning this tough journey by pointing us toward some products that might prove to be good solutions once we re-verify their continued safety? Your recipes calling for allergy-safe bread, marshmallows, chocolate chips, yogurt, cheese, etc. are really useless to me unless I can find these core items you call for, and thus far, I’ve identified relatively few on my own. I feel very lucky that some other allergy blogs share product lists more freely, but I’d love to know what you use in your own recipes.

    Please consider making a list of some of the products you’ve been lucky enough to discover so that we may benefit from your experience. I’ve love to be able to feed my son some bread! 🙂

  4. Hi! I have recently ordered labels from NameMaker that displays my child’s allergies. My daughter is allergic to peanuts and I want to put the labels in my child’s clothing, backpack, etc… I was wondering if any of the readers of “foodallergymama.com” have ordered these labels. I am really excited for them to come in!


  5. Loved your segment on Today Show (12/15). I have always been waiting for someone to do an allergy free cooking segment. You were the perfect person to do that! Congrats!

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