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Agate Surrey

Dear Reader,

I am writing to tell you about THE FOOD ALLERGY MAMA’S BAKING BOOK: Great Dairy, Egg, and Nut Free Treats for the Whole Family, by Kelly Rudnicki (October 23, 2009, Agate Surrey, 978-1-57284-102-4, $19.95). This groundbreaking book introduces the world to Kelly Rudnicki’s delectable allergen-free baking recipes, tailored for parents whose children suffer from nut, dairy, and egg allergies (the most common allergies affecting children).

An unprecedented number of children are being diagnosed as suffering from food
allergies each year. Sadly, both at home (and even more importantly) at school, these allergies require children to avoid most baked treats. Often, the only alternatives are costly, bland-tasting, or both. The Food Allergy Mama’s Baking Book makes it easy to prepare high-quality treats at home are both allergy-safe and delicious.

Kim and Scott Holstein, founders of Kim & Scott’s Gourmet Pretzels, have said
about the book, “Thanks to The Food Allergy Mama’s Baking Book, you can create delicious meals and treats that you never thought your child could enjoy.”

One of the key insights Kelly Rudnicki demonstrates is that it can be both simple
and inexpensive to bake allergen-free. Her book will show parents that their allergy-suffering children can eat the same great baked goods as other their children. It’s also full of beautiful color photographs of the treats that show just how indistinguishable they are from their original versions.

Kelly Rudnicki is one of the most articulate and appealing voices in the allergen-free cooking arena. She was inspired to create the delicious recipes in this book as a result of her oldest son’s severe food allergies. She’s developed and refined these recipes for years as her family (now four kids strong) has grown—everything from cookies to artisan breads to desserts to pancakes to after-school treats.

I hope you will consider this book for a review or news feature. The timing is
perfect, as food allergy diagnoses are increasing rapidly and show no sign of letting up. This is a book that will be of real interest and value to your audience. Kelly Rudnicki (herself a former journalist) is an excellent interview: attractive, well spoken, and passionate about the subject. Please contact me at 847.475.4457 or at to set up an interview with Kelly Rudnicki or ask questions about her book.


Doug Seibold

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