Why Sugar is So Bad for you

It turns out that sugar is also very deadly

Let’s go straight to the chase. There has been quite a bit of a sea change in the global health organization and corporate attitude towards sugar. For the longest time, sugar has been associated with happy childhood memories. Sugar is sweet and we often love that taste. We love things that are sweet. We want to feel good. We want to feel complete. We want to feel that there is nothing missing in our lives and sugar is the taste of that. It makes your day. It brightens up your smile. It makes people feel good.

It turns out that sugar is also very deadly. Who knew. It all boils down to one concept and one concept alone. You don’t have to be a medical student to understand this. You don’t have to have an MD after your name to be able to wrap your mind around this. This concept is called inflammation. When you eat a lot of sugar, you’re basically ingesting a biochemical compound that has many different slots or hooks on its surface. This chemical surface, then attracts a tremendous amount of water.

It’s easy to understand and conceptualize that if you have these compounds coursing through your bloodstream attracting all this water then it cracks whatever cells it’s in with a lot of water. This is a big problem because water in your cells past a certain limit becomes toxic. You don’t die immediately, but you die a very slow death. As the old saying goes, you die by a thousand cuts. It doesn’t knock you out immediately, but you can bet that there is going to be hell to pay later on. Last time I checked when a diabetic has to have a limb cut off it’s not much fun.


Last time I checked when a diabetic realizes that they’re going blind because of their condition, they don’t realize that with a smile on their face. It’s bleak, it’s depressing. It’s sad and it’s pathetic, but that’s the reality because of sugar. Sugar is a killer because of inflammation. It inflames your blood system and this actually triggers blood clots. What do you think happens when you develop a blood clot? It leads to heart attack, a stroke, and all sorts of nasty complications involving your cardiovascular system. It does not really get any simpler than that.

Sugar also screws up with your mood. It’s inflammatory effect actually strips away the fat lining of your nerves and this can lead to the chemical signals going to and from your brain to break down at some level or other. It’s no surprise that people get depressed. It’s no surprise that people go through weird mood swings. It’s no surprise that people get angry for no reason. A lot of this has to do with sugar. If you’ve been ever wondering as to whether sugar is bad for you, according to recent research there are tons of numbers to back this up. The answer is a resounding yes, act accordingly.